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Behind the Scenes with Crystal Neubauer

Behind the Scenes with Crystal Neubauer

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A few months ago mixed-media collage artist Crystal Neubauer was at our Cincinnati video studio to film four instructional videos for and we thought it would be fun to share some behind the scenes photos of her week here!

Here is Crystal on the set for day 1 of filming. I love seeing all of her artwork hanging on the walls.

Some of my favorite things about Crystal’s work are the very subtle details she adds to her collages, usually using different forms of graphite or charcoal. Here she was showing me how to use common materials like cardboard and rubber bands with India Ink to create handmade stamps.

The marks on the sheet in the above left were made with a piece of deconstructed corrugated cardboard that had a single thin rubber band wrapped around it. We used a bamboo brush and painted India ink on the cardboard and rubber band before stamping. On the right, the marks were created by dipping the end of a small foam roller brush into India ink. The roller absorbed so much ink so quickly it was fun playing around with the amount of pressure to use when stamping.

Here are the marks you can get using a piece of foamcore wrapped with different sizes of rubber bands. I love that the image can be repeated but isn’t identical every time depending on how much India ink you use.

Artist’s Network Online Editor Cherie Haas was Crystal’s student in two of the videos. Crystal taught Cherie how to get started in The Art of Expressive Collage by showing her how to deconstruct vintage materials found at flea markets, estate sales and antique stores. Cherie also learned some collage warm-ups and how to create a collage with color that is carried over to the sides of the canvas using acrylic paint.

Here are the colorful collages Cherie and Crystal made.

I, on the other hand, learned how to work with encaustic! Encaustic was brand new to me and Crystal taught me all the basics, plus how to use encaustic with collage. I had no idea encaustic was so versatile. We were able to embed 3D objects, paper, use photographs and use different types of graphite. There are so many options and working with wax is so satisfying, I see this as a medium I’ll be exploring more in the future.

Here’s another glimpse, truly behind the scenes. Crystal and Cherie were rehearsing their next segment while I was mesmerized with Crystal’s collection of collage fodder. It’s amazing the things you can successfully use in collage (and by successfully I mean without the adhesive ripping or discoloring the collage element): player piano rolls, silk fans, incredibly delicate old papers, dyed and handmade papers.

We had a great time in the studio with Crystal. Not only is her artwork amazing, so is she. She has such a positive, inspiring attitude that really shows through in her videos. She has a real knack for encouraging people with the art they make, especially when it comes to using older material that may feel like it’s too precious to use. You’ll get a taste of that in this clip from her video Expressive Collage Workshop: Creative Warm-Ups and Techniques.

You can check out all of Crystal’s videos at the North Light Shop!

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Watch the video: Preview. Expressive Collage Workshop: Abstract Mark Making with Crystal Neubauer (August 2022).