Who Needs a Passport When Youve Got a Painting?

Who Needs a Passport When Youve Got a Painting?

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London Fog, 2009, watercolor, 16 x 8.
All works by Thomas Schaller.

I judge a successful cityscape painting by whether or not the architecture, the weather, and the figures—everything in the painting—combine to transport me somewhere different. If that happens and the barrier between my reality and the painted alternative gets a little blurry, letting me see different sites and locales as though I were actually there, the painting is a winner.

Thomas Schaller’s watercolor paintings were some of the first works I saw when I came to Artist Daily that I responded really strongly to. Every watercolor artwork was like a different stopover on my very own grand tour. I’ve never seen the amazing blue skies and seas of Greece or experienced London fog, but Schaller’s paintings give me an incredible sensory experience of them.

St. Christopher’s–Sienna, Italy,
2009, watercolor, 13 x 13.

In part, it is the medium itself. There’s something incredibly alluring about land- and cityscape watercolor art. The elegance and fluidity of the forms almost seem like a painted memory—how my mind records and recalls visual information. But Schaller in particular is a master of architectural drawing, so his landmarks appear just right. When I look at his work I can picture myself walking through the city squares or side streets depicted because the space is rendered so convincingly.

Schaller makes the process of creating such a cityscape seem so easy. As a renowned instructor and landscape artist in his own right, Schaller is worthwhile to learn from when it comes to learning how to paint watercolor landscapes, cityscapes, and more. In his Capturing Light in Watercolor Ultimate Collection, you will find a suite of DVDs from SChaller, in which he shares his insights and approaches as he conducts his painting demonstrations on composition, color mixing, and much more. With each minute I watch, I feel more confident to push myself further, and am more ready to take on new creative challenges. I hope it is the same for you! Enjoy!

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