Art for Rent: Money Month on Art Opening(s) Podcast, Episode 5B

Art for Rent: Money Month on Art Opening(s) Podcast, Episode 5B

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Welcome to Art Opening(s), the podcast where there are no gatekeepers, no stupid questions, and art for all. Hosted by Courtney Jordan and Samantha Sanders and sponsored by Network.

Art for Rent

Money makes the world go round … or at least, money doesn’t hurt — especially if you’re an artist. In this edition of Art Opening(s) we are talking money all month, releasing an episode every week for four weeks covering who is making money in the art world, how to price your art, art for rent and answering your burning questions as well as some of our own about the almighty dollar.

There are two ways to support yourself as an artist: One, you can cut down on expenses and hope that you can go no-frills until you break through, or two, you can make more money. To most people the first doesn’t sound like much fun and the second can feel damn near impossible, so in this episode we ask: Is art for rent the answer for artists?

This episode of Art Opening(s) is sponsored by the first ever unconventional convention devoted to drawing: SketchKon.

In this episode, Sam interviews artist Miranda Aisling, who has set up her own program for renting out her art. They cover:

+What an “art for rent” program entails…

+Why do it in the first place…

+If you can support yourself solely from this kind of hustle…

+Exactly how to do it…!

Listen in as Miranda shares how she’s cut expenses while making more money from her art. Plus a few interesting ideas to share about how she’s made it all work.

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Special Guest Miranda Aisling

Miranda Aisling (ash-lean)’s mission is to reconnect art to daily life, a purpose you can see throughout her work as an interdisciplinary artist, community organizer, and entrepreneur. Her art loan program gives individuals in the artist’s greater-area community the opportunity to rent her original works of art at $5-$50 a month.

In 2013, she launched her book Don’t Make Art, Just Make Something which became the subject of a TEDx talk in March 2014. This message, that everyone makes something, is at the center of her work both as the founder of Miranda’s Hearth and as an artist and community organizer.

Miranda has worked as the Studio Arts Coordinator at The Umbrella Community Arts Center in Concord, MA since September 2013. She holds a B.A. in Studio Art from Mary Baldwin College’s Program for the Exceptionally Gifted and a M.ed. in Community Art from Lesley University. She has taught at the Museum of Fine Arts, The Umbrella Community Art Center, and The Staunton Augusta Art Center, among others.

Watch the video: How I make money as an artist. Sketchbook Sunday #50 (August 2022).